Small household electrical appliances market competition: the strong king weak delisting - small hou

28th March 2011
08 years, a stronger yuan, rising production costs and other factors, many of the traditional Small appliances Product growth rate slowed, and some products even a more significant negative growth. Together in the second half, they are facing the global ... Read >

Sixth Doosan International Machine Tool Show held in South Korea - Doosan International Machine Tool

25th March 2011
May 15-19, Korea Changming original, beautiful Doosan factory, blue flags everywhere, from the vertical lathe, sleeping car to the two-spindle, pole tower complex processing center, to the flexible manufacturing system, a total of 58 sets of Technology ad... Read >

China's auto parts industry clusters tend to take shape four - NiMH Battery Pack Charger Manufacture

25th March 2011
In recent years, vehicle sales revenue of enterprises an average annual growth 28.75%, while the auto parts business product sales revenue increased 36.82 percent annual average higher than the industry average. Total index increased, and sketched out our... Read >