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Published: 25th March 2011
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May 15-19, Korea Changming original, beautiful Doosan factory, blue flags everywhere, from the vertical lathe, sleeping car to the two-spindle, pole tower complex processing center, to the flexible manufacturing system, a total of 58 sets of Technology advanced processing machine and its part of the works on display here at the same time.

  In addition to local visitors to South Korea, there are 48 countries from around the world more than 800 customers and dealers to visit the exhibition. DIMF?? Doosan International Machine Tool Show, the world's largest trade show run by one of the display of 58 sets of practical processing technology and advanced manufacturing concepts in one of the machines are all new products developed in recent years.

Unique DIMF DIMF, the original founder of Daewoo machine tools in 1995, held every two years. 2005 Doosan Daewoo machine tools acquired by business, insisted on holding the event, and scale. This is the sixth, from overseas visitors dropped from 250 to more than 800 customers and distributors, from India, Pakistan, Thailand, UAE and other emerging markets, and the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and Switzerland machine tool power. This time, China has about 100 people visited this DIMF and visited Doosan Changwon factory machine.

Present, Doosan machine tools to participate in a major exhibition in the world, except China's CIMT and CIMES & CIMF, also in Germany EMO, but the most important is that their run DIMF. Demonstrate to customers every two years a new technology, new products, which requires Doosan sufficient strength to ensure the speed of development. One end of each DIMF, Doosan will begin discussions next will show what kind of new models and manufacturing philosophy.

This DIMF to "the optimalworld" theme, a total of 58 sets of machine tool exhibition reflects the Doosan machine tools in the composite processing, increase spindle speed and travel speed, high-grade mold processing three aspects of change and development. Doosan machine tool product categories are very complete, from a milling mainly to the present Boring, flexible manufacturing systems, the specifications of the same aircraft also increased, the user can choose a great room; machine tools to improve the appearance of large human technology, have greatly improved overall.

DIMF, Doosan machine tools in a unique way, and the global market up close. As the Doosan Group Vice President of Park Yong-night speech mentioned: "In DIMF on Doosan like to hear you voice, and is willing to share with Doosan machine tools to-date information. I think we should make full use of DIMF of advantage, not only to strengthen the global network, also with partners from around the world to share best practices. "

DIMF Doosan's plant in place is to allow customers to see Doosan production process and manufacturing standards, trust, Doosan products. The factory is located in Changwon is the Doosan machine headquarters, put into operation in 1976, has over 30 years. However, see the complete Doosan is a modern factory, the factory's main workshops of many different functions together; in addition to hand-assembly area, very few workers in the workshop; no guard of the flexible production line, but realized 24 hours production. Processing equipment are all CNC machine tools, constant temperature and humidity of the assembly plant with a large transparent glass and closed the door separated to ensure the machining accuracy

Order to strengthen the R & D, Doosan Group, recently invested in this plant 15 million U.S. dollars to build a world-class technology standard machine R & D center expected to open for use by mid-2008.

Factory environment is impressive enough: the green very well built near the mountain corner where there is a standard for the grass football factory, and the mountains form a very good angle of vision, even without a hearty game , stood overlooking the ease of mind will be. May be a large area of green and sea Changwon more recent relationship, factory fresh and moist air, there is no hint of the taste of rust and oil.

Fast-growing overseas markets

Has a 110-year history of the Doosan Group, 50% of 2006 revenue from overseas markets, the ratio Doosan machine tools more are about 80%, of which Europe, America, China and India markets the Lord, and showed a rapid growth momentum.

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